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Does disinfection work without alcohol?


Disinfection without alcohol has many advantages, it is skin-friendly and does not dry out hands, non-flammable, facilitates storage and handling, gentle on surfaces and environmentally friendly. In fact, Cleanpure's hand and surface disinfection also kills more microorganisms than alcohol-based disinfection, such as the Norovirus that causes winter croup and Listeria.

How can hand disinfection be skin friendly?


Cleanpure's hand sanitizer is not drying to the skin despite frequent use, nor does it sting if you have minor skin lesions. It has been tested for skin friendliness at the Dermatest® testing institute and received the highest rating, Excellent.

How does Cleanpure disinfection without alcohol work?


Our products have hypochlorous acid as an active ingredient, which is made from water and salt by electrolysis. When the liquid comes into contact with microorganisms, it reacts immediately and oxidation takes place. After the reaction, the liquid reverts to water and salt, leaving no harmful residues. A slight smell of chlorine may occur during the reaction if there is a large amount of microorganisms on the hands or surface, but it quickly disappears.

Do I need to wash my hands when using Cleanpure's hand sanitizer?


We recommend washing hands with soap and water before disinfection to mechanically remove microorganisms. However, hand sanitizer is good to have in your bag, pocket or car if you do not have access to soap and water.

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